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Back then it was called “Plug & Play”! Companies are a long way from this due to the rapidly growing complexity of IT systems and tools. What works without any problems with PCs today is not possible for the successful composition of digital web-based tools & software without professionals. Bitlane connect simplifies useful functions and tools in one platform in the coordinated “bitlane connect” ecosystem. The functions and tools of the ecosystem work with the existing data from CRM systems such as EverReal, Flowfact, OnOffice etc.

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The reOWNER portal gives owners an overview of all sales activities of the broker whilest one or more properties are being sold. In which sales stage is an object? How much effort does the broker invest in selling a property? Telephone calls, e-mails, tours of the property and much more – transparency and digital expertise create trust! reOWNER is integrated directly into the broker’s website or as a module in bitlane’s connectApp.

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The rePRO app offers your customers a unique user experience – a unique and great advertisement for your brand! Customizable to your brand identity. Automatic availability of your data from your CRM via bitlane connect API. Full control and maximum overview, modern design and targeted exposes deliver you an experience that is unparalleled

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Convince owners with digital competence and transparency.reTIP can be combined as a module with the connect app, but can also be used in your Website. As a separate product, reTIP is nevertheless part of the large connect family.

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*Expected to be available from quarter 4


Use connectTICKET as an instrument for customer loyalty through individual Tickets for your own or third-party events, visits and any kind of event. Links an important tool in your marketing toolbox in the connect app. Provide your customers with personalized tickets for your events in your own mobile app

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*Expected to be available from quarter 4


Customize your events Organize and manage sponsor space Provide information on the process, speaker program and upcoming events As a separate module, activate and use this module in the connectAPP.

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*Expected to be available from quarter 4