connectOwner. gives you an insight into
performance of all your properties.

The real estate agent's daily bread - for the owner a, often unique, thriller: the sale of a property! Real estate owners want to know as precisely as possible how much effort the real estate agent puts into promoting the property on the market. They hope to achieve the highest possible selling price from the high effort. For the real estate agent, this transparency can be the decisive factor in winning the lead.
Without the bitlane connectOwner., ensuring this transparency would require a great deal of effort. The broker not only has to collect all contacts, but also classify them and provide them with the right success indicator. This must also be presented to the customer in a comprehensible picture. Without tools, a hardly solvable task!
The bitlane connectOwner. generates an easy-to-read overview from the CRM data produced by the broker. The broker has no additional work, he only has to record his activities around the sale of the property as usual. In the bitlane connectOwner., the customer sees what interests him in a structured, constantly updated table.

More transparency - more trust - more satisfied customers